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Oh, how about a list?

1. My laptop is resting on The Practical Gardener's Encyclopedia, bought from the bargain shelf this summer.

2. I've got a feast of perennials: mums, coneflowers, daisies, spiderwort, pincushion flower, dianthus, astilbe, colombine, forget me nots... that's just the front yard.

3. About to go back to school, I've taken to researching everything from the Lite Brite (Remember that, kids?) to How to Clean Suede.

4. At the Ritual, we spun until my arms stretched, hands holding fast, and my voice sang until I had no more air.

5. The bulldog was sick, and is now better. Don't scare me like that, kid.

6. I've been writing a zine, and am teaching zines in my writing class this year!

7. I feel very calm, like I've healed some.